It had now been nearly month since my mom had passed away. For over a year now, my husband and I had been talking about leasing a new truck. My car payment was up in March 2017 and so my husband thought up this idea that he’d take my car and we’d lease a new truck for me to be used as a family car. He had scoped out the car, and so one night while I was out, I decided to go take it for a test drive. I had just left the dealership when I get a text from my mom’s neighbor telling me that Satan’s car was at my mom’s house and she was carrying out boxes and putting them in the back of her car. She told me she didn’t see my brother and so as soon as I got the text, I immediately started heading to the house. If it was justSatan  in the house when I got there, there was going to be a huge fucking problem. The last time I spoke to my brother, when I confronted him about the emails I saw on my mom’s phone, he flat out told me that I should NOT be taking anything from the house until the will was settled. Now here was his wife carrying boxes out of my mom’s house. That’s a little fucked up for them to say. 
I was just about on the expressway when I got the text, and so I gunned it past the next four exits, heading to my mom’s house. I had been trying to catch them there for months now, but I was always too late. I called my husband up and was on the phone with him until I pulled up to the house. Finally, I saw their truck in the driveway. My husband told me to pull behind Satan to block her in because if she was indeed alone there, she was trespassing and stealing. I parked my car parallel to the street, blocking the driveway. 
I sat there in my car for a few second and tried to scope out the situation, but I couldn’t really see much, so I got out of my car and slowly walked up to the house. As I got up to the house, I see my brother walking by the big picture window in the living room. I walked up to the front door and try to open it but the door was locked. I grabbed my keys and quietly unlocked the door. I walked in to see two rows of garbage bags, lined up, stretching across my mom’s living room. There had to be at least 16 bags in there, full of what, I didn’t know. 
I can hear the noise of packing tape being torn off the roll and so I followed the sound to this small home office that my dad had built years ago, when he owned his own business. He split up our garage and made the one half his office and the other a small garage area for storage. I walked up and leaned against the door frame with my hand on my hip and said, “Oh hey, what are you guys doing here?”. My brother answered my question with the very same question for me. I replied with, “oh I was just in the neighborhood and decided to stop in…….so what are you doing here?”. First he claimed to had been there to clean out the food from the fridge and stuff. I looked over to see Satan standing there, holding the baby and nervously pacing back and forth. I knew she was biting her tongue. Next to her were two piles of boxes stacked almost as high as her head. I then said to my brother, “Well what are you putting in these boxes then?” and at that moment he snapped back and told me that he was, “taking all of his old toys and stuff from the attic.”. Again I looked over at the boxes next to Satan and next to the two piles was my mom’s Christmas tree. When I finally moved out, to live with my husband, my mom had stopped putting up her big tree. Instead, she brought this 3-4ft tall fiber optic Christmas tree. My brother hated that thing. I knew he wasn’t the one who decided to take it and so I asked him, “oh, so is that Christmas tree one of your old toys?”. That’s when he really got pissed and told my to “mind my own fucking business” and that he can, take whatever the fuck he wants.”. I looked at him and told him that he was a money hungry, greedy piece of shit and I reminded him how he told me not to take anything from the house. Before he could even answer, Satan jumped in and says to him, “Don’t talk to her anymore, she’s crazy!”, and that was when I completely lost my shit! 
It had been three years in the making. Over the past three years I had only gotten into exactly ONE verbal confrontation with her, and that was when she showed up at my house, unexpectedly at 10:00 at night. The last few years,  but especially the last two months, came flying out of me in the most vile of ways. I yelled at her, “Shut your fucking mouth you dumb fucking twat! You dumb fucking twat, shut the fuck up!”. I think I called her every nasty name my imagination could conjour up. Finally, my brother told me to leave and I snapped back, “I’m not fucking going anywhere! I have just as much of a right to be here as you. I’ll sit right the fuck down and put my feet up on the coffee table.”. That’s when I heard Satan say, “I’m calling the cops.”. I walked back in the room and shouted, “Good! Go ahead and call the cops because you’re only going to make yourself look like a fucking idiot, because you are trespassing on the property!”. “As a matter of fact…”, I said, “I’ll call the cops too.”. I dialed 911, but I was bluffing, or so I thought, I wanted to see if she actually called them first but as I said it I accidentally hit the call button on my phone. A few seconds later I heard a voice and hung up. Then moments after that I get a call back from 911. I answer the phone and tell the officer what’s going on.
I walked through the house which had random items scattered all over the place. As I talked to the dispatcher I decided it would probably be best if I just waited outside until the cops came. I didn’t want to scare my brothers 18 month old kid anymore. The sad part is, the kid didn’t seem the least bit upset or scared with all the yelling. It must be a normal occurrence in their home, and she’s been desensitized to it. 
I was outside for all of about two minutes when suddenly I hear the front door flying open. I look up and out comes Satan with the baby in her arms and she walks down the porch steps and says to me, “you need to move your car.”. As I watch her walk by, I turned and told her, “I’m not moving shit! You called the cops and now you’re going to wait until they get here.”. She huffed and puffed her way to the car and put the baby in her car seat. My brother followed a few seconds later. 
As my brother walked by I asked him why he went to a lawyer and lied about my mom having a will. He didn’t answer and so I asked again. Finally he turned around and said, “because you stole the will!”. I told him, “no you fucking asshole, I never had the will. I had to get it from the lawyer and I have the letter and the envelope to prove it.”. That’s when he said one of the most fucked up accusations of all, that I forged a document. When the lawyer sent me both of my parents’ wills, he also sent a cover letter that said he sent the wills at my request, and he dated and signed the letter. My brother was accusing me of forging the letter! If I was going to take my chances forging the letter, why wouldn’t I forge the entire will then and leave all the money to myself?! I never heard such stupid bullshit in my life but I was really fucking angry. My brother has known me my whole life and knows what kind of person I am. I don’t know who made up this psychotic version of me but I have my guesses. 
He walked back into the house briefly and came back out. In that time I had pulled up a photo of the letter and I showed it to him and asked, “This? You think I forged this?”. You have to be fucking kidding me…. I have the fedex envelope at home, I can prove it to you.”. He looked up and dead into my eyes and said, “I don’t believe you!”. I yelled back, “you are so fucked up! What happened to you?”, and then I asked, “where’s your integrity?”. 
The whole time all of this is going on, their kid is sitting in the car in the complete darkness. They didn’t even bother to start the car. It was December 17th and it was freezing that night. There was about an inch of snow covering the ground. Despite that though, Satan was walking around in this sleeveless, shirt with ruffles on the shoulders, like it was the middle of July! I guess when you’re cold blooded the winter doesn’t bother you as much? 
At this point there was so much commotion, my mom’s neighbors slowly started coming outside to see what was going on. My brother  and Satan are in and out of the house carrying things back and forth. Him and Satan are trying to lock me out of the house and it got ugly. At one point, my brother and I got into a screaming match, right on the front porch. Satan is trying to lock me out the house, but I pulled the door back open. She sticks her head up and started yelling in my face, “I will have you arrested and locked away for a long time!”, like she’s the sheriffs daughter or something.  “I told her to shut the fuck up!”. More of her psychotic threats. My brother is about 2 inches away from my face with his fist clenched and his arm up and cocked back in the air like he’s going to hit me. Satan yells out, “don’t hit her! That’s what she came here for.” 
Let’s just let that soak in for a second. I think that last statement is a testament to how truly fucked up her mind is. Why on earth would I come there with the sole purpose of having my brother punch me in the face? My mind would never Think that way. Obviously since she is the one who said it, that’s the way her mind operates. I’m not into setting people up like that. Only a psychopath wound think of or do such a thing.
As my brother is holding up his fist I was screaming, “go ahead, hit me! Hit me!”. I knew he wouldn’t. Suddenly without any notice Satan come out of the door and fully launches herself between me and my brother. My instincts kicked in and as she came towards me, with the back of my arms, I shoved her. I am not exaggerating when I say the very second my arm came into contact with her body, she flew back a second and started screaming, “She hit me! I’m pressing charges!”. I swear over my son, she then took her hand and lifted up the ruffles on her shirt saying that I left marks while trying to scratch herself so there were visible marks! She did it several times! I watched her. I couldn’t even believe what I was seeing! If nothing else in this blog has convinced you that this girl is a full fledged psychopath, this should! 
Things escalated so quickly that I cannot remember every detail in its exact order, but I do remember at some point I asked them which one of them stole the pain killers. They both looked like two deers caught in the headlights. Neither of them denied it. They just told me I was crazy (deflection). Had they not taken them they would’ve probably said something like, “what pills?”, or “where were there pain killers?”. I also asked them the million dollar question, a question a have asked my brother SEVERAL times since my mom’s passing, “where were you when she was alive?”. Neither of them ever answer that question when it’s posed, and sometimes it’s the lack of an answer that tells you everything you need to know. 
Things cooled down a bit after the screaming match on the front porch. My brother and Satan went back into the house and I stayed outside. I stood there smoking a cigarette, pacing up and down my mom’s walkway. I could see my brother and Satan standing in my mom’s living room just a few feet away from the large window. Satan is frantically going through her phone, dialing numbers and putting the phone up to her ear. My brother was just standing there still, staring off into space with this look on his face like he was thinking, “this is not good!”. I really do wonder at times if my brother realizes how much he has let this girl fuck up his life. I also wonder if he’s even upset that my mom passed or that him and I no longer have a relationship. Sometimes I wonder if there is any part of the brother I once knew, in existence. 
My husband called as I was standing out there and I had explained everything that had happened up until that point. Suddenly I hear the door opening behind me and out comes Satan and a few seconds later, my brother. Satan walks right past me and gets into her car. I’m giving my husband the play by play, “oh here they come now, they’re getting in the car! She’s starting the car……where the fuck are they going? They called the cops!…….oh she is putting her seatbelt on…..what the fuck?…… she’s backing up!…….she better not hit my car!…….what is this crazy bitch doing?……she better not hit my car ……..she’s going into drive……where the fuck is she going?….she’s…..holy shit! She’s…..she fucking driving across my mom’s front lawn! HOLY SHIT!!!!!

Yes, this crazy bitch some how did some Austin Powers maneuver and managed to get her car which was parked, sandwiched behind behind my mom’s and mine, and she fucking drove across the lawn! She then peeled out into the street and drove out of sight. God blessed us with snow that night so I could capture a nice photo of the tire tracks going across the lawn. 

By this point in time all of the neighbors are outside and they’re all just standing there completely dumbfounded, and then one says, “What the fuck was that all about?”. I yell back across the street, “you got me!”. 
She wasn’t even gone a minute and finally the police officer arrives. He opens his window and asks, what’s going on. I turned around and pointed to the tire tracks on my mom’s front lawn and said, “well for starters, that’s what’s going on.”. Some of the neighbors crept over and listened in as I explained the situation to the cop. As I’m talking, I suddenly hear what sounds like a car skidding out. I look down to the end of the block and see Satan stopped on the middle of the road that crosses over my mom’s street. She throws the car in reverse and turns down the block with her tires screeching the whole way. She pulls over and her and my brother come out of the car all calm and collected like nothing has happened and they start explaining their side of the story, of course making themselves seem like the innocent victims. 
The cop was kind of an asshole and didn’t seem like he even wanted to be bothered with this situation. Satan was doing all of the talking, explaining how she talked to the “executors”, (aunt Bea and Aunt Debbie) and they said that they could take whatever the fuck the wanted, but all they were taking was my brother’s old Star Wars figures from the attic. I explained to the cop how they told me not to remove any items from the house and then they are there doing exactly that. I also explained how no executors had been appointed yet and so no one should be telling them to take anything. The cops then asks me if I really care that my brother is taking his stuff from the house and I explained to him that he was taking more stuff than what was his and that I couldn’t see what was in the boxes. The cop asks e if I care that he’s taking “his” stuff. I said no, but I argued back that if we go that route, I can say that anything in the house is “my stuff” and that I can take it. Technically ifits in her house it’s her property. I also told him that his wife shouldn’t be in there taking anything either because it’s not her mother’s house. I think he kind of understood at that point and so he told us we should all just lock up the house and leave. My brother asked if he could go back in the house to clean up and bring the garbage bags out and so the cop said ok, but only him. I stood out there and explained to the cop that I was sorry for being so agitated and hostile. I explained  that they were never around when my mom was alive, but that they now had no problem going through all of her stuff. Satan then walked back over and starts going on again about how I left marks on her. She was walking over to the car with her arm out, trying to show the cop the invisible marks on her arms. I looked down and told her they were freckles and that she needed to look in a mirror. She started going on about how she was going to go down to the precinct and press charges on me. She must be a professional at falsely accusing people of shit since she knew that you must go down to the precinct to do so. The cop turned to her and said, “That shit ain’t gonna fly here honey, just go sit in your car and wait.”. She walks away mumbling some shit about me being crazy and needing to be medicated and so I asked her, “oh you mean like the medication you stole from my mom?”. She finally turned around and threw her hands up and said, “I don’t even know what you’re talking about.”. That’s another one of her favorite lines when she’s confront by something that’s irrefutable. 
Finally I realized the cop was going to be no help and so I asked him if I could just leave. I pulled down the block into the convenience store parking lot and waited. I was going to go in the house after they left to see what they took. That’s when I noticed another set of headlights coming down the block and stopping in front of my mom’s house. After a minute, I realized that it was my husband and so I pulled down the block again and got out. My husband later told me that as soon he got out of the car, Satan came running up to him with her arm out yelling, “look what your wife did to me!”. She was telling my husband that she was going to press charges and my husband said to her, “Satan, please stop. You want to go press charges, go ahead because my wife can g press charges because you are trespassing on the property.”. My brother jumped in to remind my husband that she was his wife, (which he also said to me when I pointed out the same thing) but the cop interjected by saying, “you should listen to your brother in law, (my husband) he’s right.”. My husband told them that He and Satan should step aside and let me brother and I handle things, but Satan wouldn’t allow it. He told them how ridiculous this whole thing was And a conversation started about the will and how my brother thought I had it and we thought he had it. My brother started explaining how they tried to contact the lawyer who drafted the will, but before he could finish, Satan jumped in and said, “don’t tell him anything.”. With that, she grabbed my brother’s arm and they got in the car and they left. That was the last time I saw or spoke with my brother. 


A pool of contention 

My grandmother’s party in mid September had come and gone. I started growing really concerned about my mom at this point. Her pain from her self diagnosed “sciatica” was becoming severely unmanageable. I ended up having to buy her a cane because she was unable to walk. I was at her home on a daily basis now to help her and check up on her.
The summer was now over and it was time to close her pool. The pool was always a bone of contention. When my dad passed away back in 2006 he had a talk with my brother where he told my brother he was going to have to take over and be the “man” of the house, which included doing things like mowing the lawn, helping my mom with the property and opening and closing the pool. My dad specifically said even when he moved out one day he still had to bear this responsibility . My brother actually lived up to it until 2007 when he moved out. Once he moved out his shit became more important and he was always too busy to help my mom. When my mom asked him for help it was like pulling teeth. It got even worse when Satan came into the picture. My mom would have to book him a month in advance to open the pool. 
Him and Satan opened my mom’s pool the year prior. He came after work one day when my mom wasn’t home and him and Satan took the cover off. That year the cover had collected an unusual amount of leaves and debris. My mom tried to clean off as much as she could but she cautioned my brother to be very careful when removing the cover. When she came home it was dark and so it wasn’t until the next day that she looked out the back door and saw that the water in the pool was completely black. She was doing everything she could to try and clear the water but a week or two had passed and it was still black and murky. Her filter ended up getting clogged and it cost her $300 to repair. She asked my brother if they had dropped the debris from the cover in the pool but he said they didn’t. There’s no way the water got that dirty any other way. Finally after three weeks the water started to clear. My mom walked out one morning and looked in the pool and discovered that there was a large flower pot sitting at the bottom of the pool! All the dirt from the pot is what clouded up the whole pool. That and the debris from the cover. There was no way in hell for that flower pot to end up in that pool unless someone purposely pushed it in from across the deck. It was too heavy for an animal to get it. My mom confronted my brother and he denied knowing anything about it. He probably didn’t. His wife probably pushed it in there to get back at my mom. That’s the kind of person she is. The same person who threatened to leave his ex-fiancé’s dining set on her car, at her job. She’s psychotic. 
I was so run down by September, trying to help care for my mom and my own family that when it came time for the pool to be closed I sort of was an asshole about it. My husband and I needed a break. We needed to do some stuff around our own house that we had been neglecting. From the time my mom got home from the hospital at the end of August, to mid September, my brother and his wife hadn’t done a god damn thing to help. They only wanted to help when she was in the hospital and they had an audience to impress,  and even then they “helped” by going through her mail (????). They came to her house exactly three times and even then it was for an hour or less a clip. I told my mom to ask him to do the pool. He and Satan had no problems asking my mom to watch their one year old, back in July, when she was having all the breathing problems. She was in no shape to be chasing an active toddler around. I hadn’t asked her to watch my son in over six months. One time they invited her to their house under the guise of hanging out and once she got there they plopped her in the living room with the baby and they both went off to do their chores around the house. She was totally duped. 
I know this sounds fucked up and maybe a bit childish but it bothered me that my mom, a) walked on eggshells for them b) was so blind to how shitty they treated her and how they only used her when it was convenient for them, that I couldn’t help but grow a little resentful towards my brother, because it was like he was the golden child. I even had a little resentment towards my mom too for it. She created that monster. It was always ok with my mom when he was too busy to help but when I said I couldn’t do something, she’d get all angry with me and give me an attitude. It was like I was expected to help. Both of them were far too dependent on me. My mom knew I’d always give in and do whatever it was she needed and my brother knew that if he didn’t do things, I would. That was my fault. 

My husband was getting annoyed with the double standard as well and so this time I put my foot down. For weeks I was telling her to ask my brother because we all know how Satan runs his life and has every minute of every day scheduled, months in advance. I even told her I’d help him if Satan couldn’t for some reason. Of course though she waited until a few days before and asks him…….and of course there was an excuse. That Saturday he was headed to Connecticut or Boston or somewhere to watch his stepdaughters regatta race (insert eyeroll emoji 🙄 here), however on Sunday he was going to be home alone with his daughter because Satan was going somewhere with her girlfriends (what else is new). Again, i reminded my mom that would help, if need be,  but I forgot, he’s not allowed to come to my mom’s house alone, silly me. He even had plans for the next weekend and so it was starting to look more and more  like me and my husband once again would be coming to the rescue. 

I have to note here that at this point in time, it was becoming clear that my mom’s health was starting to rapidly decline. I mean you aren’t kept in a hospital for a month for nothing. While my mom was still capable of caring for herself, it was becoming increasingly difficult. I already spent a lot of time with my mom as it was. We talked to one another at least twice a day but most likely more. I would FaceTime her for hours so she could see my son when I wasn’t able to be there.  Even during the calm spans, when her health was stabilized, I made it a point to physically be there. She probably would’ve been ‘ok’ without as much help but everything she did was a struggle, and I just couldn’t sit there and watch her struggle when I’m fully able bodied. I would’ve helped her the same amount regardless of whether or not my brother pitched in but it would’ve been nice to have a break every once in a while, maybe to even have support from him. 
That Sunday while he was alone with the baby, it was the perfect time to for him to come by with her and spend some alone time with grandma, so they could actually  bond. It was really hard to bond with the baby when Satan was around because she’s so neurotic. The whole time she’s barking out orders to my brother to stop the baby from touching things, or to get her bottle or change her diaper, etc. When you try to bond with the baby she always seems to find a way to interrupt it. It’s bizarre. I will get more into this aspect in a later post but Satan’s whole interaction and the dynamic of her and the baby was the most unnatural mother /child relationship I’ve ever observed. 
Anyway, the point here is that, and I guess it was the problem all along, is I cannot for the life of me fathom why my brother didn’t turn around and tell his wife to give him the space and time he needed  to spend with his sick mother. His ex never stopped him from doing so. . In three years my mom had only been alone with my brother a total of three times. That’s not normal. As a wife, I can tell you right now that I do not hover over my husband and he doesn’t do it to me. Since him and I moved in together almost a decade ago, he knew that I went to see my mom at least once a week, usually on a Sunday. He didn’t have to come with me every time. In fact, he stayed home way more than he tagged along. It is completely normal and in fact healthy to be in a relationship and still have your own life. Narcissists and their borderline,  cluster B counterparts don’t seem to understand this concept. My brother just completely lost his balls when he met Satan and I think he’s going to have a lot to be sorry about one day. 
I felt really bad putting my foot down with my mother over closing the pool  and so as I always did, I wrote to her and gave her a really good explanation of why my husband and I were being so stubborn on this one. It was nothing personal against her and I made sure she knew that. She understood but she was also being a pain in the ass about it. My brother was offering to come by on a weekday after work and do it, but my mom refused saying that it would get too dark out. I found it crazy that my brother couldn’t sacrifice a few hours of a Saturday or Sunday for her. He must’ve felt some guilt (which I wasn’t sure he was capable of feeling anymore) for putting her off for two weeks because he did come by one night after work and move around of her patio furniture to safeguard it from the winter weather. 

Two more weeks passed by and finally my brother (and by my brother I mean Satan)  had managed to clear an hour or two off his schedule. My mom called me that Friday night and told me he was coming the next day in the afternoon, and that he was going to need help, and so I agreed to come too. I woke up that morning and it was pouring rain. I put on some workout pants and a waterproof jacket and reluctantly headed over there. I knew if we didn’t just get it done that day, I’d be hearing about this pool well into October,  and so for the first time in years my brother and I worked together to do something. I have to admit, it was kind of nice spending that time with him. It was the first time in three years that we had been together like that. At first it was awkward but after a while it felt like nothing had been wrong,  like we didn’t skip a beat. 
We finished up closing the pool and my brother came inside and talked for about ten minutes and of course he had to go running home for Satan. That was the last time I hung out with him. The next few weeks were going to change everything. 
(To be continued in my next post)