Settling the Estate Part 9: Evil doesn’t stop working……even on Labor Day Weekend

I don’t think my heart ever spent so much time pounding so fast, for such an extended period of time in my life. It felt as if it was constantly in 5th gear. Satan’s antics were really starting to stress me out. Normal me wanted to get in my car, drive to her house, ring her doorbell, and cold cock her right in her big, round pumpkin face, with a hit so hard it would knock her out cold, but executor me didn’t want to do anything to fuck up what I had fought so hard for. A second alternative was a profanity laced email telling her exactly where she can shove her bullshit email, and offering assistance in doing so, but I couldn’t do that either. I am not going to lie. I dream of the day I run into her, alone somewhere, where I don’t have my kid and she doesn’t have hers because I’d give her a the blanket party of a lifetime. It’s probably a good thing she always has to have my brother on her leash with her at all times. There’s probably a reason she never goes anywhere alone. I’m sure I’m not the only one out there that this succubus, waste of human flesh and bones, has tortured.

Instead of going crazy though, I tried to keep my cool and so I decided to respond to her email calmly. One of the main things I didn’t want her thinking was that any of the stupid shit she was doing, was effecting me. I don’t know if experts in the field would agree with this, but the last thing you want to do is show a narcissist your emotions. They do not care about them and all they will do is use them against you or to their advantage. I dealt with Satan by being sarcastic and making everything she said a joke. On Sunday, Sept. 3rd I responded to Satan’s email.

Um yeah my mom actually gave [my brother] and [my brother’s ex-fiancé] TV away years ago. You wouldn’t know cuz you couldn’t come to her house  for the last few years. You can take the tv in the den, it’s a better TV anyway. The one in her room was hers. She purchased it when she re-did her bedroom. I can get a hold of the [store’s] receipt for it if you’d like.  As for not taking things without giving you a “chance to object,” it works both ways. You took a lot of stuff without giving me a chance to object. Like those feminine Apple Watch straps, that were in the dish in front her her TV, the vase in her bathroom and the rain chain and bronze pots that were hanging off the front of the porch, amongst other things,  all odd choices for a man to take. I didn’t know you were into flowers and home decor. Now I know that a gift card to home goods will be a good Christmas gift for you this year. You should’ve told me you wanted it like you told me you wanted that wagon. 

Have a wonderful weekend! Xoxox

It was the truth. I have said it before and I will say it again. Narcissists think they are smarter than everyone. She somehow thought that when they went into my mom’s house that day, and she began shopping around, I wasn’t going to know what they took. Besides the fact that I lived there for 28 years of my life and knew the house inside and out, I spent a lot of time there during the last few years of my mom’s life while my brother and Satan were not speaking to her. I helped my mom decorate and clean. We went shopping together. My mom and I would always show each other new stuff we got. She has no concept of the kind of relationship me and my mom had because she kept my brother and herself isolated from her for pretty much their entire 3 year long relationship. On top of that, I don’t think Satan has that kind of relationship with her mom or even her own daughter for that matter, because narcissists don’t know how to form deep and meaningful relationships. People, even their own flesh and blood are treated like objects, or extensions of themselves and they all serve a specific purpose. They all feed the narcissistic supply in some way.

Another relationship of mine that she doesn’t seem to understand is the one between me and my brother. Prior to her evil ass entering the picture, my brother and I had a good relationship. In fact it was the best it had been in years, or at least I thought it was. One person I’d love to talk to is Satan’s sister who she hasn’t spoken to in over a decade, (although I suspect her sister has her own set of problems, similar to Satan’s). I don’t know what their relationship was like or why they don’t talk (we’ve been told several different reasons). Whatever it was like, I can guarantee it was not anything like the relationship I had with my brother, and again, that’s where she failed.

Anyway, as I was saying, I knew what my mom had and what was missing after the day they cut the lock off the shed and left the mess at my mom’s house. I had noticed that all the items that were taken from the house were thing that my brother would NEVER go after. My brother would never want flower pots or vases, a small accent table, and what was he going to do with my mom’s feminine looking Apple Watch straps? In fact, I noticed that Satan seemed to purposely take things that I had purchased for my mom or things that my brother would know I would want. There is no question she eyes up specific items for a reason. I bought my mom the Apple Watch straps that Christmas. She took the flower pots and rainchain that I had purchased for her, amongst other things. Left behind were things like The living room TV, DVD players, and oddly enough all of my dad’s tools and his toolbox, all things you would think a man would want.

All Satan wanted to do was torture me and it was becoming clear. A perfect example is the game she kept playing with me about my mom’s “additional life insurance policy”. I had emailed her the day prior asking (for the fifth time) for the information about it, and as you can see, she kept putting me off by telling me she “didn’t have it”, “she wasn’t home”, she’d “get it to me in a timely manner”, etc. I finally emailed her in the morning on Sept 2, before I went to get my grandmother, and here’s what finally ended up happening. I wrote:

Surely you have to havebwen [sic] to your house at some point this week. I need the name and number for my mom’s life insurance. Don’t know why you’re being so secretive and evasive with it. Kind of strange. 

Almost an hour later at 12:24pm along with the other bullshit email she sent me, she also sent this.

I was contacted by the company as a beneficiary. They have not yet informed me that you are a beneficiary. I would have assumed if you are a beneficiary, they would have contacted  you directly. I am in the process of obtaining more information and will provide it, if it pertains to you. 

I’ve left a stack of signed checks to pay the creditors. Each check is in an addressed envelope. Please sign the check

This sadistic, twisted fuck wanted me to think that my mom had some secret life insurance policy that my brother was the only beneficiary of. First off, that NEVER would’ve happened! Everyone I showed this email to, that knew my mom said the same thing, “your mom would NEVER do that.”. Satan just wanted to get me riled up that day. She wanted to ruin my day with my grandmother, but more importantly she wanted to toy with me and send me on a wild goose chase looking for some life insurance policy that never even existed. To this day I don’t know what the truth was and to be honest I don’t even care anymore. Like many things with Satan I have learned not to try to rationalize them. She is sick, twisted and evil. I will never understand anyone who goes out of their way to fuck with other people’s minds at times when they are at their most vulnerable, like while they’re grieving the loss of their mother. The best I can come up with is that she is just a hateful, miserable person who isn’t happy with herself and who she is, so she has to try to suck the joy out of anyone who isn’t like her. That is why narcissist are often referred to as emotional vampires.

She didn’t reply to my email about the TV until the morning of September 3rd, at 9:36 am. (Side note I noticed that she was very regimented and sent her emails at the same times of day, all of the time. Often times they came early in the morning between the hours of 8:00 and 9:30. I’m glad to know I was the first thing she thought of when she woke up everyday). Here’s what she said: (take note of the parts I’ve underlined)

I don’t know why you keep addressing emails to me as if you’re talking to someone else. It makes you sound unstable. 

And you’re correct. It does go both ways. During our phone conversation of 8/21 and on my follow up email of 8/22, I said that I wouldn’t remove items from the house without notifying you first. You wrote me on 8/24 stating that you had already started removing items and you would provide me with a list. I have yet to receive a list. 

I took things from mom’s house to remember mom by. Some of the things, I gave to her as gifts. Some of the things, I will use to decorate my house and yard. Some of the things, I will give to [my brother’s daughter]. Attached is a complete list of items that I’ve taken. Provide me with yours, including items that you’ve taken prior to being named as executor. 

Also, as you might have noticed, I returned the home videos as I’ve made copies of them. Return the photo albums to the house immediately so that I have the opportunity to copy them. 

I am officially notifying you that I do not authorize you to remove anymore items from the house without my approval. I will do the same. The only things that I am authorizing to be removed from the house, is the bed and fan for [my grandmother], if she can use them. 

I am 100% prepared to go back to court, if necessary. It will not cost me any more money to do so. 

And here we go…..

Things took a turn for the worst this weekend. The more I made light of the things she was saying, the more angry she got. Another thing she didn’t realize is that I had an attorney and I utilized him. Before I did anything I would always consult with him or someone in his office. My attorney told me I could take whatever I wanted from the house seeing that my brother stated in his first emails and in our phone call that he didn’t want much from the house. That I could do whatever I wanted with the stuff in the house, etc. Even if I were to give her a list, I wasn’t going to do so until I was 100% done going through the house. At this point in time i wasn’t even 1/10th of the way done going through things.

She just doesn’t realize what an asshole she sounded like. Nothing that they took were gifts bought by him! My brother was the gift card king! I can’t even remember the last time he bought my mom an actual gift. That coupled with the fact that my brother wasn’t around for any birthdays or holidays since he and Satan met, I knew none of the things they took were “gifts from him”.

As far as the photo albums went….. my mom was big time into photography. She was that Aunt at the family parties who always had the camera in her hand, and was making everyone pose for pics. She is the reason I love taking pictures so much too. My mom used to take her camera everywhere with us when we were kids. She had a whole closet in a spare bedroom that was almost entirely dedicated to photos. I filled up 3 of the xtra large sized Rubbermaid storage bins with all the photo albums, plus more. Yes, my brother was entitled to some of those as well, but I noticed when I went to take them, that some of the albums I had left out from when I was gathering photos for her wake, were missing, meaning he had already helped himself to some. Also, I’m sorry, but I have heard his wife with my own ears threatening to destroy his stuff. There was absolutely no way in HELL that I was going to leave the only things that I had left of my family, go anywhere that, that demon seed would have access or be in control of them. No fucking way in hell! Over my dead body. NO! My brother knows they are safe with me. One day when he leaves her, maybe he can come here and take some. Until then I’m sorry, but I’m protecting my family’s legacy. I know right now my brother is brainwashed and indoctrinated and maybe one day when he comes out of the fog he will understand why I was so adamant about keeping the family photos.

Before I move on, one last thing I have to mention is the very first sentence of her email where she says that she doesn’t know why I keep addressing her as if I’m speaking to someone else and how it makes me sound, “unstable”. This is yet another tactic used by narcissists and it’s called gaslighting. She knows damn well why I am addressed those emails as if I’m speaking to someone else. I have already said it several times that I don’t think I’m speaking to my brother, that I’m not sure who I’m talking to, and I even told my brother over the phone that, I’m not really sure it’s him I’m speaking to. She knows exactly why I’m doing it, but once again, she is trying to create this narrative. I noticed she did this a lot. It’s almost as if she thought there was a third party (the courts) that were going to read all of these emails, and so she wanted to create this narrative that I was incompetent and unstable. If you watch this video on YouTube it explains how narcissist gaslight , very well.

The last thing I want to point out is the last paragraph where she tells me she’s “fully prepared to take me to court”. Again, this was the second or third time I had received the court threat. Since I had previously told her that doing so was going to cost both of us a lot of money she made sure to let me know it wouldn’t cost her anything. The truth is, it would’ve. Trust me, I know because at this point in time I had gone to my attorneys several times about these emails and the way I was being spoken to, and my attorneys kept telling me that if we went to the courts, a) it would cost me money to enter a petition and pay them to litigate the matter or b) since my brother and I were not the original executors, and the estate had been sitting stagnant long enough, that there was a chance that the judge would see two grown adults, who clearly couldn’t get along, and assign a public administrator to take over and get the estate settled. A public administrator is essentially a lawyer who would take over and it could cost us around 10% of the estate. As fed up as I was with them at that point, they were not worth tens of thousands of dollars of my inheritance. Satan thought, like most idiots in her life probably do, that I’d give in…..but I knew all her threats were just empty threats.

Along with that email, Satan attached what she referred to as a “completed inventory list”. Take note of the word COMPLETED because it will become relevant in future posts.

A copy of the “COMPLETED” inventory list of items I was supposed to believe my brother wanted.

Also, take notice of the items on the list. Firstly it’s all bullshit items that are essentially worthless. There’s no value in half used candles, incense, and pez dispensers. I have to laugh because she wrote “Star Trek”. My mom didn’t have any Star Trek stuff. She had a lot of Star WARS stuff, because my brother is a total Star Wars geek and collected Star Wars memorabilia since he was a kid. Had my brother actually wrote this list, he would’ve know the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek.

I’m also a little creeped out that she took 2 pairs of binoculars. God only knows who she plans on watching with those. I’m not sure what creeped me out more though, the fact that she took binoculars or the fact that she admitted to taking my mom’s SOCKS! I’m not sure what “yoga socks” are exactly, but either way why, why on God’s green earth would you want someone else’s socks? Especially socks from someone that you know did not like you?

One thing that really caught my attention about this list is that 90% of it is stuff I know for a 100% FACT, my brother would NEVER, EVER BE INTERESTED IN! In fact, why would ANY man want, a “sister’s mug”, four serving plates, yoga socks, 2 boxes of pocono candles, a red apple wreath Yankee candle, a vase (with flowers in it), a butterfly magnet, hanging bird baths, “handing planters” (I think she meant hanging planters) a watering can or a watering can fountain? NONE of those items would be of ANY interest to my brother and I can say this with 100% certainty.

She also conveniently left some items off her “completed list” such as my mom’s lingerie chest (another item my “brother” would NEVER want), a small accent table/plant stand, and of course the straps I bought my mom for Christmas that year for her Apple Watch, amongst other jewelry, and a jewelry box that Satan took. All in which they NEVER gave me the chance to OBJECT TO, as they promised they would and were requesting I did!!!!!!

I don’t think I could adequately describe how enraged I was about ALL OF this. Yes, my brother was entitled to take stuff from the house just as I was, but here I was being told that I cannot take anything from the house without giving my brother a chance to “object” first to what I was taking, yet “he” is handing me a list of items HE TOOK without giving ME the chance to object!! In what world does ANY of this make sense?

I was so aggravated. For the most part, the stuff they took didn’t bother me. The only things I was upset about was the photo that I took of my dog and the planters and stuff that I had purchased for my mom. Still, I didn’t say a word about it. What bothered me was the fact that I knew these weren’t things my brother wound EVER want. These were ALL items his wife wanted and there is no doubt she specifically chose some of them just to hurt me. She knew how my mom felt about her. Why? Why would you even want the items of someone who you knew hated you? Maybe it’s me, but I can NEVER imagine myself taking things that belonged to my mother-in-law, especially knowing that she has a daughter who would probably want them. I’ve also known my mother-in-law for over a decade and I’ve always had a good relationship with her. Satan treated my mom like absolute shit for the 3 years she knew her! She only started cozying up to my mom after she was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. That’s because she wanted to ensure she got my brother’s half of her estate. How can she feel Just look at some of the nasty texts she sent my mom over the years….

Screenshots of texts between my mom (blue) and Satan (grey) back before their wedding in 2013. She had only known us for about 8 months. She caused a fight between my mom and my brother because of something my cousin did to her. My mom was COMPLETELY uninvolved.

All bullshit! She was accusing my mom of sharing a photo of her and her ex kissing,with my cousin, who sent it to her and told her she should remove it.
She had posted a photo of her holding a gun on Facebook and wrote underneath it something about wishing she could shoot stupid people, referring to my mom.

Another rude text sent to my mom by Satan. This unsolicited text sent because my mom asked my brother to meet with her on a Tuesday night at a dinner so she could give him his birthday gift.

(You can also listen to the recorded arguments my mom had with Satan here and here and parts 2&3 here and here)

The day my mom died as we were leaving the funeral home I remember standing in the parking lot. Satan ran and sat in the car because she was all mad that I didn’t want to host my mom’s funeral dinner at the Irish pub she chose. Me, my brother and my husband stood in the parking lot for a minute and spoke to one another. My brother started going on about how we should just do an estate sale. My husband said, “well isn’t there stuff you want?”, and my brother said, “no” and went on to say how it was all crap in house and how my mom was a junk collector and pack rat. Now I’m supposed to believe he had an interest in all the junk? It was ALL his wife.

I had to let Satan know that her stupid games and empty threats were not going to work on me, and so at 3:15pm on a Sunday, on Labor Day weekend, I responded to her bullshit email:

do you even read what you wrote? You told me you wouldn’t take items from the house without first notifying me but you just gave me a list of items you took without notifying me first. I also have you on tape saying that you don’t want anything from the house, just your stuff from the attic and the utility wagon. Given the fact that you removed stuff already, and I know your list is incomplete because you started removing item back when you went to the courts and perjured yourself, saying my mom didn’t have a will, when you in fact knew she did. You want to take me to court when I took a tv and left you another one, that’s fine. Keep holding up the estate. You don’t get to tell me whether or not I can remove things or not remove things. I’m glad you are going to remember my mom by her yoga socks and decorations in your house: I would’ve thought you wanted some tools but I should’ve known better. Also that Polaroid camera didn’t belong to my mother. It was her bosses, camera just like all the other cameras in my  old bedroom. She was listing them on eBay for him, but of course you wouldn’t know that because you hardly talked to her. I’m not fighting you over mugs and yoga socks. You forgot the toilet cleaner and wrapping paper you took. 


I think we both know exactly why I’m addressing you as someone else.


As for the life insurance policy, you make me laugh, there is NO WAY my mom ever would’ve taken out a life insurance policy and lonely [sic] put [my brother] as the beneficiary No way. If she had a life insurance policy, there would be bank statements showing payments for premiums. The life insurance company magically knew she died and got in contact with you? Sounds fishy


Also, why would you write out a $2000 check to a doctor when she had health insurance? Did you even investigate that? 

Clearly I was pissed and rightfully so. I had every reason in the world to hate this person. I was done dealing with her bullshit and I wanted her to know, Satan as per usual couldn’t just leave well enough alone. At 4:46 pm she emailed me back…..

To be continued……

Settling the Estate Part 8: Family Interference

It was Labor Day weekend and I really thought, Satan who’s an alcoholic and jumps at any chance to party and get shit faced and take photos of herself like a college girl, was going to be quiet that weekend, and for the first time in almost 2 weeks I wouldn’t have to deal with her stress, but I was wrong.

Throughout all of the bullshit I went through there were 2 things I tried to keep in mind as I went through this process, the main one being my mom. My mom and I thought a like and I often times found myself trying to think of what she would do or want me to do. Family was the utmost important thing in my mom’s life, hands down, and with that said, the second thing I tried to remember is that I was not the only one who was grieving my mom and affected by losing her. I know the one person that was most important to my mom, outside of me, my dad and my brother was my grandmother. Even though my grandmother has six kids, 4 girls (counting my mom) and 2 boys, her relationships with each of her kids are unique. My mom and my grandmother, much like me and my mom were very close. My mom was always the “brainy” one. She was the one everyone came to when they were looking for information or research on something. If my mom didn’t know the answer she would find the answer. If she didn’t know how to do something, she would figure it out. She was a very good problem solver and I know everyone respected her advice and opinions, especially my grandmother.

Looking at my family now, I have a completely different perspective than I did. My idealized views of the people I once called Aunts and Uncles has changed completely. Through all of this, I was really able to see everyone’s true colors and when I started to see them, I started to see them very vividly. My mom always said she was the black sheep, the ugly sister, and a lot of the times she would say she didn’t fit in. In some ways she was wrong, but looking at it now, I see why she felt that way. My mom differed from her sisters because she was more rational and realistic. She was more patient, caring and understanding. She was real. I think that’s why my grandma appreciated my mom so much. She knew when she needed things done, my mom was the one to make them happen. My grandma is an extremely passive person and I hate to say this, but she spent most of her life being a slave and being used and pushed around by other people. Her mother seemed to be dominating and controlling over her, and I know for sure my grandfather was too. She was always treated like she was dumb, and her opinion didn’t matter, and after decades of being treated that way, it’s almost like she needs other people to think for her. I find that some of my mom’s sisters treat her the same way. It’s almost as if they want to keep her dumb and oblivious to what’s going on. They don’t tell her things that they believe will upset her. That’s especially the case with my Aunt Bea who is her main caretaker. Aunt Bea, or “the godmother” as I like to refer to her as, controls the narrative. My grandmother only knows what Aunt Bea WANTS her to know, otherwise she is kept in the dark. My mom was her light. My mom was the one who was honest with her and kept her informed about what was REALLY going on. She cared for her and encouraged her. When my grandmother would say she couldn’t do something, my mom would tell her to stop saying she can’t, and she’s tell her that she can do anything she puts her mind to. My mom was patient with her and treated her like an actual person and not some idiot who’s head was in the clouds. I think because of that, and the fact that my grandmother only found out about my mom’s cancer, 2 days before she died (because again, Aunt Bea wanted to keep her in the dark) my mom’s death has hit my 90 year old grandmother pretty hard and you can see the physical effects it’s had on her mind. My mom’s sister’s will all write it off to the fact that my grandmother turned 90 about 3 months before my mom died, and yes I know her age is a huge contributing factor, but the amount of mental decline she’s had since my mom died has been too rapid, and I don’t believe that the human body comes with some preprogrammed setting that suddenly alters your mental capacity once you hit the age of 90. The death of a child is never an easy one. You are not supposed to outlive your kids. Period. It doesn’t matter how old you are, it is tragic and when you are that age, it’s been scientifically studied that grief effects you differently, and can have a severe impact on mental health……especially when you were kept in the dark about your child’s disease.

With all that said, I wanted my grandmother to have a chance to come into my mom’s house, to sit in her room, to look at her stuff and to say goodbye. I wanted her to be able to hand pick items that she would’ve wanted from my mom. This is something I think my mom would’ve wanted and something my grandmother needed, due to the fact that my mom’s death happened suddenly to her. She didn’t get the time she needed to spend with my mom because my Aunt Bea decided for my mom and for my grandmother, that it would be too worrisome to tell my grandma that my mom had cancer. I guess as usual Aunt Bea wasn’t thinking, because the effects of a sudden death can leave someone even more confused.

Although I do not remember exactly what happened at the time but there was some type of medical episode where my grandma was getting vertigo and she had fallen in her apartment, where she lives all alone. Instead of taking her in to one of their homes (they say she “doesn’t want to leave her apartment” *insert eyeroll) to live with them, they decided to do the next best (and less responsible) thing, and get her a life alert necklace, (in which she reminds me that she hates, every time I see her) and a walker (complete with no tennis balls to make it glide so it’s easier to walk with) in case she falls. I knew me wanting to go pick up my grandmother and bring her to the House meant I’d have to clear it with her “caretakers”, but the first person I called was my grandmother to see if it was something she’d even want to do. My grandmother was really excited about it and right away said yes, she would go, but more excited because she was going get to test out my mom’s bed in which I’d been promising her since my mom’s wake 9 months prior. My brother and his wife were giving me problems about it, in fact I my brother told me I “can’t go giving away whatever I want” and they told my husband, “everything has a value”. My mom spent thousands on this bed in 2015. It came with all the bells and whistles like massagers and lights so you can see your slippers in the middle of the night, and it was fully adjustable. Of course when I called my brother and left a message on his home phone’s answering machine telling him I was going to bring my grandmother to the house and extending the same invitation to my mom’s other sisters that I wasn’t speaking with, “he” acted like it was no big deal. That’s because by that point in time all of my mom’s siblings knew my grandmother wanted the bed, so they had to act like they were now ok with it.

A text from my brother that was sent Nov. 23, 2016 (3 days after my mom passed) where he tells me I can’t be “giving away what i want” in reference to my mom’s bed. Notice also he says that I was trying to have him written out of the will. That was not true at all, but proved my aunt Bea had told him that.

With my grandma on board, I called the only sister of my mom’s that I was actually still speaking with and asked her if she can inform the other two sisters that I was taking her. Finally on the morning of Sept 2nd I called my grandmother and sure enough she starts telling me that she doesn’t think it’s a good idea that she goes, because she didn’t feel good, and she was concerned she may fall again, and she is nervous, etc. I knew my mom’s sister’s got to her. I was disappointed, but since I already had plans to go out there I decided to go spend the day with her. Of course they had to make a big deal about it and acted like it wasn’t a good idea, even though that same year my mom’s cousin brought her on a tour of Manhattan, but me bringing her to my mom’s House was a big deal. It’s only a big deal because it was me. I cared for my mom by myself for an entire year and no one thought that was a problem, but I wasn’t responsible enough to care for my own grandmother. I called my one Aunt that I was still speaking with and told her what happened as I drove over there.

Finally, I showed up at my grandmas apartment, and once I got there she had changed her mind again, and she was actually excited to go again. While I was there I just had to look on her caller ID. Sure enough right before I called her that day to come get her, right in a row, I see my Aunt B called, then my aunt Debbie and then me. From years of knowing them I know how they operate, first Aunt B calls my grandma, then she calls my aunt Debbie when she gets off the phone with My grandmother, and then my aunt Debbie calls my grandmother all so they can say things to her like, “be careful ma!”, “I’m justworried you will fall and break your hip again”, “make sure she helps you get in and out of the car”, etc etc. They purposely work her up so she’s all nervous and doubting herself. It’s the same thing narcissists do to their victims.

Anyway, I got to the house with my grandma and go to put my key in the door, and I notice the door was unlocked, and the first thing I see is a clear envelope with a stack of papers and pre-addressed envelopes that were all typed out. It was all the checks for the bills that my brother’s wife kept insisting we pay off “immediately”. Once again my brother evaded having to meet up with me. Also, I wouldn’t put it by Satan that she wanted to upset me and piss me off in an attempt to ruin my time with my grandmother. She was also sure to send me an email right at the time I was arriving there with instructions on what to do with the checks, as if I didn’t know and couldn’t figure it out on my own. It was a Saturday, the last Saturday of the summer, but I guess evil doesn’t take a day off. Here is her email sent on Sept. 2nd at 12:24pm:

I’ve left a stack of signed checks to pay the creditors. Each check is in an addressed envelope. Please sign the checks and drop them in the mail. This should take care of most of the debts.  Once I receive my reimbursement check, I’ll know that the other creditors have received their checks as well. 

Please return then TV from mom’s bedroom to the house. That TV was from my old apartment and I had lent it to mom. I wanted to take that TV for [my brother’s daughter]. Please let me know when you’ve returned it. 

As I’ve previously requested, please do not remove anything from the house without giving me an opportunity to object. My attorney will be contacting your attorney regarding this. Please reply with confirmation that you understand that no items should be removed from the house without giving each other opportunity to object. 

This fucking asshole. She really knows how to make something out of nothing. First off, the first paragraph, all of it was completely unnecessary, especially the last part about how once she receives my brother’s reimbursement check, she will know the creditors for paid. How does that even assure that? What if one of the creditors checks got lost in the mail? It’s just so stupid. She just wanted to point out the reimbursement check to make sure it was signed and she got paid. At one point in time, one of my moms sisters claimed that my brother has laid out over $12,000 paying bills, it was more like $2,000 and a lot of that was because he was seeking $600 reimbursement for filing my my mom’s sister’s petition to become executors.

As far as the part about the T.V., I was literally laughing out loud when I saw that. First off I loved that my “brother” had no idea what his own god damn TV looked like, because the one my mom had in her room, that wasn’t his. My mom purchased that TV when she redid her bedroom. My mom had 3 TVs in her house when she died. There was a small one in the kitchen and then she had one in her living room and one in her bed room that were both the exact same size. To be quite honest, the T.V. In the living room was newer and so I took the one in her bedroom thinking that they would complain if I took the newer TV. The newer one was still in the house, because I had left it there for them to take. The TV my brother is referring to that was his, was long gone. In his haste while discarding everything he owned, 3 months after meeting Satan so he could move into her house, he asked my mom if she wanted his TV, since she had purchased it for him and his ex-fiancé for Xmas one year. She said yes and intended on hanging it up in the spare bedroom, but she never got around to it. Instead it sat there for well over a year on the floor with a garbage bag over it to protect the screen. Finally one day I had asked my mom what she was doing with the TV because I was converting my guest room into a playroom for my son, and the TV we had in there was one of those old style, tube TV’s that they no longer make. My mom told me to just take it since all it was doing was taking up space. Of course I was not going to tell my brother that. At this point I really didn’t give a shit. After all the lies he had told me, why did he deserve to hear the truth?

Every time I’d see his name and his fake ass email address in my inbox my heart wound start racing because I knew it was going to be some bullshit. Every time I opened an email it got worse and worse her demands got more and more insane. She really had some nerve “requesting that I didn’t remove any items from the house” and that I reply with a confirmation that understand. What I wanted to reply with was a big FUCK YOU, SATAN!

Again, this pig showed her lack of respect for the grieving process. I was furious as I sat there with my grandmother….

To be continued….

Later that night I dropped

Settling the estate Part 7: little sister is watching

My Brother’s wife was not happy that I was not complying with her ridiculous demands. I was fighting back and letting her know that I was not going to lay down and let her walk all over me the way my brother lets her. At this point in time I had all the proof I needed to know that my brother was not the one authoring these emails to me. Although my brother’s behavior changed immensely the more indoctrinated he became in Satan’s world, there are some fundamental things about a person that don’t change no matter what they go through in life. My brother has never been a leader nor has he had a “take charge” personality. In fact, my brother has always been someone who’s unsure, indecisive, and kind of needs to be told what to do in certain situations. In the past, there were many times my brother would call me seeking out advice or approval for a decision he was making. This is probably why women like Satan prey upon men like him. Now suddenly I was to believe my brother was the person coming up with all these crazy plans, making lists and spreadsheets, and throwing orders and demands around? No. The new him was the polar opposite of the old him. This was to be believed by me in addition to the fact that “he” demanded we only speak via email, coupled with the fact that he refused to meet in person and had me blocked on his phone, and insisted I only call his home phone, even during the day while he was at work, which made no sense. I was forced to leave messages on his answering machine in which he’s retrieve periodically, throughout the day, while working at his “demanding” web developer job! As my mom always used to say, “if it walks like a duck, and talks like a duck, it’s a duck!”, but in this case it was a vulture whom I liked to refer to as Satan.

At this point in time I knew that she was the one writing the emails and I had proof that validated it 100% to me, but in court, I could not use that proof and so I needed another way to prove it was her writing the emails. I was so sick of the condescending tone of her emails. I was desperate to prove it was her. You see when we signed the agreement in the very beginning it was clear to me and my attorneys that my brother was going to give us a hard time. Our plan was, or at least my attorneys made it seem like it was, to have my brother knocked out as executor for misconduct. My attorneys told me to keep records in which I did. I knew I’d have to show them some type of proof that my brother was breaking the agreement he signed by allowing his wife to assume his identity, and email not only me, but everyone else involved in the estate. She used the email to communicate with the banks, loan companies, utilities, whatever. I had proof of this, but the proof I had could not be used. Let’s just say the way I got the proof wasn’t a way in which I was comfortable sharing. It was so frustrating because I knew for 100% fact that she was operating the email. I knew for 100% fact that they were lying to my face. I needed to find a way to prove it that I can give to my attorneys, and so I signed up on this message board where people discussed topics like this. That was when I got a suggestion from someone to use this thing called an email tracker.

The email tracker is totally legal and legit. Companies use similar trackers for marketing purposes. This is how it works…

you have to sign up on the website, It’s completely free. You use their email interface (although there is a way you can use your regular email provider, i.e., Gmail; outlook, yahoo, etc.) to send your emails. The interface adds a small invisible image the size of one pixel that cannot be seen by the recipient. When you send your email through this tracker it looks as if it’s just a regular email coming from your email address, to the average recipient. When the email is opened by the recipient, the pixel sized image in the email somehow records data from the recipient. How it does that, I don’t know, but it does! As soon as the email is opened, you will receive a report from Below is a sample report.

A sample of the report you get from whoreadme that gives information about the recipient such as their IP address, ISP, etc.

As you can see the report contains various types of information, like the IP address of the recipient, their location, their ISP (internet service provider, i.e., Comcast, Verizon, road runner, etc) how long they read the email or had it opened, what type of browser they were using to read the email (i.e., google chrome, safari, gmail etc), their operating system, and what type of device they’re using to view the email, (i.e., iPhone, Android, iPad, windows computer, etc.)

My last regular email to my brother was sent on August 30th, 2016 11:42am, after leaving him a voicemail on his home phone.

Ps I called twice yesterday, left a voicemail, text you and emailed you twice, no answer. Please provide me with the name of the additional life insurance policy on my mom. Also the [investment account] email and password was changed. Please provide me with it. Thank you.

Thank you.

Sent from my iPhone

I got a prompt reply from my “brother” who was at “work” at his demanding job, exactly 5 minutes later at 11:47am.

I will get you this information when I get home. I am at work now. 

I didn’t do anything on [investment account]. I received an email from them asking me to accept online access, and I did. Since I completed my form with separate contact information, I assumed that I would have separate access. I see no reason why this wouldn’t be the case, as we will have separate online access to [bank in which estate account was at]. 

I suggest you contact [investment firm] for assistance in setting up online access. This will likely be a moot point since we are just going to make a full withdrawal and deposit it to [estate account]. 

I sent my first email using the email tracker on August 31, 2017 to let him know I was trying to get in contact with him. I sent this email to his new email account only. It was 6:08pm and so my brother was not at work at that time.

My email read:

I tried to text you today twice. This is the fifth or so time I am asking. Please give me the name of the other life insurance policy.

have a great day.

I anxiously awaited to get my first report from the tracker. From that report I could see someone using an IPhone was reading the email, but it looked to be that they were home. At 8:09pm I got this as a reply:

I will send you the documents in a timely manner. I don’t have them with me. 

Have you contacted the realtor regarding listing my mom’s house yet?

Has your attorney provided my attorney with a breakdown of the reimbursements you are claiming yet?  Again, I will need to review them before signing the check. 

Going forward, expenses should not be paid out-of-pocket with the expectation that the Estate will reimburse them, as an Estate account has been opened. 

I also called the town to find out of there is a CO for the porch at my mom’s house and found out that there is not. The realtor had asked about this. We will need to start the process of obtaining one. This includes applying for one, having the home inspected after providing the survey and building plans. Then, a list of deficiencies will be issued if necessary. If there are no deficiencies, the CO can be issued. This can be a time-consuming process. 

If you are having trouble reaching me, I can be reached at the contact information below. 

Via mail:

[she wrote out their home address]

Via phone:


[she gave me their HOME phone number]

Via email:

[she gave me the email address to the new email account in which I obviously already knew!]

I have to point out that this was all part Satan’s little game that she played with me. It was obvious she thought she was smarter than me, and that I was some type of clueless housewife that doesn’t understand how adult life works, but once she realized that I did have a grasp she kept adding information to try to overwhelm me. This is typical of narcissists. They are habitual “one uppers”. They need to make people feel as if they know everything and you are beneath them. All I asked for in my email was the information about the life insurance policy in which I had asked about several times, and she kept evading giving me the information, for whatever reason. There was no need to bring up the CO (certificate of occupancy) for my mom’s porch, the list of reimbursements in (which I had already told her several times that I gave it to my attorney), and all the other things. Also, take note of how she had to control the communication between me and my brother by telling me that if I wanted to contact him it had to be by regular USPS snail mail, their home phone number (not my brother’s cell phone) and the email address in which she already knew I had because we were speaking through it!

Speaking of the CO for my mom’s porch, the mention of it and her lecture about how you get one rang a bell in my head. A week or so before my mom died, she started to say things to me that let me know my brother and his wife were trying to manipulate her, the same way they tried to manipulate my husband into thinking I’m incompetent and clueless. After years of telling me that she wanted me (and just about everyone else she talked to) to take care of her affairs when she died, my mom suddenly started to doubt me and told me that she “didn’t know if I could handle it all by myself.”. When I asked her what she meant by that, she told me that she was worried that I wouldn’t ask my brother for help if I needed it, and she specifically used the CO for her porch as an example. Prior to then, my Mom NEVER doubted me, EVER. My mom knew I was very capable and that if I didn’t know how to do something I would figure it out. My mom used to joke around to her friends and family and tell them that I was the “son she never had”. I was sickened when I came to this realization. It sickened me enough my brother and his wife relentlessly hounded her about getting her affairs, as she lied there dying, but to try to manipulate someone against the closest person to them, so they could reap the benefits, it enraged me. Just think of what type of sick fuck you need to be, to take advantage of someone while they’re lying in the most vulnerable of positions that a human being can be in! She is a demon with absolutely NO moral compass. This along with many things that I wondered about while my mom was still alive, came to light during this process, because Satan would unknowingly give herself up.

I didn’t bother to respond to her email that night, in fact I don’t even know if I saw it that night. The next day was the 1st of September, and the Thursday before Labor Day. At 11:06am I logged into the tracker’s website and replied to her email. To make it look like a legit reply that was coming from my email, I added “re:” to the subject line and copied the previous correspondence in the body of the email. I typed up my letter and pressed send. Again I only had sent this one the new email address. It read:

• I don’t need documents.  A name and policy number will be fine.

•  I’ll call the real estate agent in a timely manner. I know [real estate agent], he was friends with my ex. Thanks for picking him.

• Don’t worry about signing my check right now. I’m not in a rush for it.

• Ok, I haven’t paid anything except for the landscaper, which I will continue to pay because it’s easier.

• I’m well aware of the lack of CO for my mom’s porch.  I grew up there for my entire life.

• Oh is your cell phone is broken or something? That’s so weird that you can’t to talk to me when you are alone and can only talk from your house phone, or through this new email. It’s almost as if  someone is monitoring your interaction with with me. Hope everything is ok.

You should probably get your cell phone looked at though, because it would be in the best interest of the estate, that I could get in contact with you at ALL TIMES, not just when you are home.  Maybe you have the, “my phone works for email but nothing else virus”. I would get that looked at asap.

As for other things. IF you happen to go by my mom’s house tonight, please don’t leave another mess.  I am bringing my [grandmother] there tomorrow to look at the bed.  It will be upsetting enough that the house is vacant and still a mess from last time. There’s no need to further upset her.  Oh and to answer your question about the delivery charge to the estate, I’d never do that. It’s my [grandmother]. I don’t need to be reimbursed with my own money for her. I can pay out of pocket, but thanks.


After hitting the send button on my

Email I went straight to my inbox to get the report…… I had struck GOLD!!!!

The first report I got back telling me that My brother’s wife was at the very least, accessing my brother’s emails!

There it was, plain as day. The report came back saying that the email was accessed by someone using an iPhone, who was connected to Allstate Insurance’s ( *company name has been changed for privacy reasons) which is where my brother’s wife works! Finally, I had something I could legally use in court to show my attorney, but not before I got a few more reports to assure it was her, because I knew she’d make up some type of excuse that my brother was there for some stupid reason. At the same time this confirmed what I already knew, along with everything else, that I was 100% sure my brother’s wife was the person I was speaking with this whole time.

Almost a half an hour later, @ 11:29 am I received this reply.

Glad you know [real estate agent]. Let me know when you speak with him.

If you insist in paying for the landscaper out of your pocket, save the bills and payment receipts for reimbursement. 

Since you already know about the CO, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to remedy. Have you taken any steps to start the process yet?

My cell phone is fully functional. I have a very demanding job, like most executors. As I’ve stated numerous times, I use my lunch break to handle Estate matters. Just because I am co-executor, that does not mean that I have to be available to you 24/7. The contact information I’ve provided is more than sufficient to get a timely response from me. 

I was already well aware that you are bringing [my grandmother] to the house. As for the mess you say I left, I saw your pictures and they were nonsense. It would have taken less time to pick up the one paper and leaf than it did to snap pictures. We both know your old bedroom has been a mess since before mom passed away. And I don’t even know what I’m looking at with the hamper and bedroom. This is the last time I’ll address this. 

She absolutely hated that I was giving right back to her, what she was dishing out to me! Satan was not going to tell me how things were going to be done and I wanted her to know it. Once again she is giving me instructions as if I was a child of hers. Again, she asks about the CO and now wants to know if I had taken any steps. This was another one of her tactics she used where she tried to make me look stupid and incompetent. There was so much to do before obtaining a CO for my mom’s porch,and I had asked my attorney who was on the zoning board for my mom’s town for over 2 decades, and he advised me to wait until the house was listed to see if it was even needed. If so, he then advised me that we would need to hire an expediter to obtain one. Once again, at this point in time I had only had the papers that legally allowed me to do any of this stuff, for 9 days. As a mother of a 3 year old who was starting preschool for the first time that year, I could only do so much in a week and two days.

Like most narcissists, Satan’s biggest downfall in situations like these is thinking she’s smarter than everyone, and that no one else thinks beyond the words she is saying. She believes that just because she puts something in writing, it’s the gospel truth. Here she is pretending to be my brother and stating that he “has a very demanding job”, yet he is writing these lengthy emails and replying within minutes of me sending them. She also needs to throw in the veiled insult towards me by saying “like most executors do”, to I guess say that I’m less worthy because I chose to stay home with my son. This was one of many jabs she’d take at me, about it. The funny part is, I specifically remember the second time I met her which was the first time she had ever been to my house; where she sat at my kitchen table and told me how when she was married to her ex (her second ex-husband, that is) that she had quit her job and stayed home. In fact, She was bragging about how she lived in this huge house and was home alone all day and would just sit there and spend all his money. That was one of the many things she said that made me side eye her.

The part about this email that I found most infuriating was the last part where she has the nerve to tell me that it would’ve taken less time to clean up HER mess, than it would to take a photo! When she denied knowing what mess I was referring to in an earlier email, I sent pictures along with my reply. This says a lot about who she is and really shows her complete lack of empathy, respect and consideration for other people. It’s disgusting. She also tries to justify it by saying the “room was a mess since before my mom passed”. Yes the room was cluttered and wasn’t the most organized room in my mom’s house, due to the fact it was a spare room that no one lived in, but the toys in there were all in the baskets. Thar doesn’t mean to disrespect it and make it WORSE! They picked out toys their daughter wanted and left the rest for me to clean. On a side note, I found it odd that my brother left his first train set behind. I would think he would’ve wanted it for sentimental value.

Also note the last sentence there where she tells me that this will be the “last time” she addresses the issue. That is because like all narcissists, she cannot accept responsibility for anything, and when narcissists are confronted with their wrongdoing, this is one of the many ways in which they control the conversation so they can evade it. Satan’s need for complete control is insatiable.

After exchanging those emails it hit me that while this was almost 100% full proof that she was at least reading the emails, I also needed to prove that my brother wasn’t reading them, and so from that point in time I started to send every email to both my brother’s regular account and the one Satan was operating. I needed to send another email and so I made up a reason to send one. So at 11:20am I sent a p.s. email to my brother’s regular email that was one sentence long, just so I can see if he was opening the emails from a different location on his email account. As soon as it was opened on the other end I got a report back from the tracking website and to my surprise the email sent to my brother’s regular email account, was also opened up by someone at *Allstate insurance. Then I remembered that a few days earlier my brother said he was going to redirect any emails I sent to his regular account to the new one. With that said, I tried to send him an email to his work email address so I can prove her was at work while he wife was accessing emails but I guess security is super tight where he works because their email server rejected the email.

A portion of an email sent to me from my brother that states he will forward any emails that I send to his regular account, to the new account that his wife was operating.

Saturday Sept 2nd was the beginning of the Labor Day weekend and I knew I was going to have wait to collect more evidence that I could show my attorneys. I continued emailing back and forth with my brother throughout the weekend using the tracker and sending all emails to both accounts. Since both my brother and his wife were connected to WiFi and the 4G networks on their phones, and their IP addresses were changing constantly depending on where they were and what service they were using, and it wasn’t much help. I knew I’d have to wait until work started the following week, but I soon found out that evil didn’t stop working on Labor Day Weekend….

To be continued….

Settling the estate Part 6: Power Struggles

I was really starting to get fed up with the way I was being spoken to in these emails. I was done communicating with my brother’s wife. None of what was being said and how it was being said, sounded anything like the way my brother speaks. If it was him talking to me like that, things would be different, but I knew it wasn’t him. I really wanted to be on my best behavior and try to remain professional but in my mind I was not talking to my brother and so I started to address the emails as if I wasn’t talking to my brother. I also wanted her to know, she was not going to boss me around. Me and my brother are different people. I don’t allow that kind of shit. No one is going to push me around and think it’s ok and so the next day on August 28th, 2017 I wrote back to her. Being that in sarcastic by nature I knew I

Ok 👌🏻. I was confused. So I should send it to the email that you  created right after signing the stipulation of settlement?  I was confused which one you were using. All your emails prior to that date were from your regular account (the one you used for the last 5 years or more) . I sent an email there the other day and you promptly responded so I was confused. Thanks for clearing that up for me. ✔️✔️

• no one “refused” to go to the bank. If you really think it’s necessary to have the courts intervene,  7 days after I got the appropriate documentation to allow me to act as executor, that’s your call. Just know it’s going to cost a lot of money for you and I, and further delay the estate from being settled. If you are really looking to work in the “best interest” of the estate, that would not be the way to do it. I wanted to consult  with my attorney first and today was the only day he had available.  I have a right to do so both as an executor and as a beneficiary. I am going to the bank tomorrow. 

• on that note, I have to ask, why are you holding the checks hostage? Why can’t I see them or hold them? Why can’t you send me at the very least, send me a copy? I have a right to see them as CO-executor. Since you refuse to communicate with me in any other way besides email, and refuse to do things together as a team, as  CO-executors should, it’s going to hold everything up. It’s my fiduciary responsibility to make sure things are being done correctly and in line of what the courts require. You go and do things without telling me until AFTER, then you leave me with no choice but to investigate, consult with my attorney and make sure things are being done properly and legally. So if you want to know the honest truth, your evasiveness, refusal to answer  certain questions and address certain topics, along with your vague emails, and demanding tone etc, are what is holding up the estate.  So is typing these lengthy, bullet formatted, emails back and forth. The same thing can be accomplished in 4 minutes over the phone.  There is no law that says things have to be done in YOUR immediate timeframe. “Timely” doesn’t mean instantly or when you say so. It means things are to be done in a reasonable amount of time. Having 99% of the estate settled in 7 days isn’t reasonable. I am acting in accordance as an executor and doing ALL of the things I am supposed to be doing. If you are so worried about having things done in a “timely” manner,  since I am completing the process of opening the estate account, I thought it would make more sense for me to deposit the checks into the account when I go, instead of waiting for your “lunch break” to do everything. I am home every day, and can go to the bank at any time.  I was just trying to be proactive and work efficiently, in a timely manner. I thought it would help speed up the process so we can “immediately” pay the estate debts off, like you planned. I have every right to see everything pertaining to the estate as CO-executor.  

• While we’re at it, it’s “co” executor. That means we have the same level of decision making power and responsibility. Please ask your attorney what the prefix “co”, means, in this context. If you need help I can assist you in finding the definition.

• as per my attorney’s advice, the house does NOT need to be listed immediately and especially not before my mother’s personal affects are taken out. Giving strangers access to valuables in the house is NOT in the best interest of the estate. Whoever told you that has misinformed you. The house that I live in was also part of an estate. The listing photos online showed it completely empty. If you disagree, call your attorney & tell him to call mine. 

• the [cancer insurance] denial letters you have are from November of last year when I was trying to submit the claims online and kept getting an error message. It has the dates right on the letters from when the claims were denied. Obviously I know how to submit the claim, as i am sure you can see in the monthly bank statements you’ve been receiving of my mom’s since December of last year, Aflac paid the approx.  $20,000 claim for when my mom was hospitalized 8/1/16 to 8/28/16 . I don’t need your assistance, but thank for offering. I didn’t submit or try to submit any recent claims so if you’re receiving letters recently,  maybe you were trying to submit claims. 

• the PO box address is [redacted] in and you’re more than welcome to come to my house and pick up the key if you want it. You can also change the addresses on whatever is coming to your home and send the rest of the mail there so we both have access. Thanks. 

• please give me the name of the real estate agent that you would like to use so I can contact them as well, with any questions I have.   Your attorney doesn’t do real estate, as he told my attorney today, so that’s not much of a compromise. It kind of has to be my attorney by default….. or we can waste money on yet ANOTHER attorney.  We can discuss who is going to list the house over the phone. What happened to your buyer? 

• I already have a “comp”. I said appraisal because that was the term my attorney used on the phone with me. They are not “free”,  Nothing in this world is free. You are taking someone’s time up. Usually the broker expects you to list with them. Still there is no need to get four.  that’s a little excessive and a waste of time. The prices aren’t going to vary too much between agencies because they’re all using the same information to get their prices. I took the real estate courses and was licensed.1 I know how it works. If you want to waste time getting that many, be my guest.  Yours is a little higher than mine, but [my brother] can call me and we can discuss listing prices. 

also, I need the name of the other life insurance company, instead of a vague mention of its existence. I cannot do anything with that. Back on Nov. 20th you told me that your “underwriters” ran my mom’s life insurance policies and they all lapsed except one, which is the one we used to pay the funeral. As you can imagine, I am confused at this news that there is an additional policy. Also, I’m pretty sure it said [insurance company name] on the funeral bill and not whatever  name you said. Maybe I am wrong. I’ll have to investigate that as well. 

• As I said before, with all of the money I will be reimbursed with, I gave my attorney the list, receipts, cancelled checks and/or supporting bank statements.  Sorry, but I am not sharing anything with my personal banking information on it, with you because I don’t know who I am talking to through this email, since this is not the address I have known “you” to use for the last five or more years. You can have your attorney contact my attorney for information, regarding that. Just FYI, your list, you need to provide copies of receipts and cancelled checks (front and back), not just ones you wrote out and the billing statement, in order for you to be reimbursed. Just thought I’d let you know. 

• as for the [car loan holder] check….so when you changed the address on the [car] account back before April, you changed it to an address that didn’t exist, and now the check is lost? That’s not good. 

Thank you, 


Ps. Human to human, if you go to my mom’s house, please do not leave a mess again. I would not walk In your house and do that. You cut the lock off her shed, which was completely unnecessary and somehow pulled one of the window boxes off. I assume  you were using it to give yourself some leverage while you cut the lock. Those are pretty heavy duty locks. Instead of going through all that trouble, you could’ve called me and asked me where the key was and I would’ve told you. Also, you threw papers on the floor and left a mess all over the dining room table and in my old bedroom, plus you left all sorts of lights on that don’t need to be on. Let’s keep the bills down. That’s in the best interest of the estate. Please treat my mother’s house with some respect. Some of us are also grieving as we go through this process. Just because she isn’t here anymore it doesn’t mean we stop acting like human beings. 

Sent from my iPhone

I was lucky to have my mom’s neighbors/my friends looking out for me. They were all well aware of the situation between my mom and I, and my brother and his wife. My mom had told them all the story. She told everyone the story. Everyone knew how my mom felt about my brother’s wife. It was no secret. It was amazing because for three years prior to my mom’s death, my brother and his wife were NEVER at her house. In fact, my brother didn’t even have a key to my mom’s house for almost an entire year before my mom died. She had broken the key off in the lock the winter prior to us finding out she had cancer, and she had to get a new lock and key. Since my brother never came by, she never gave him a copy. It wasn’t until after her diagnosis that she finally gave him a copy.

My mom’s neighbors alerted me one day that my brother was over the house and he and his wife were removing things from my moms house. I had been there in the days prior removing things as well and trying to get the house cleaned up so we can list it. There was no rule that my brother got first dibs on the items in the house. There were things in there I wanted like a mirror that hung by our front door that my mom had for my whole life. I also wanted one of her kitchen chairs. My mom had the same chairs from when I was a kid and my dad never sat in the den with us. He always watched TV in the kitchen sitting on those chairs. It was his favorite spot and so I wanted to keep one to remember him by. Anyways when I went back to the house I noticed that my brother and his wife took some of the cleaning supplies and so I left them a note asking that they please don’t take anymore cleaning supplies, so I could clean and empty the house. Satan, being the cheap millionaire she is, was taking cleaning supplies and even took my mom’s toilet paper!

I came back to the house the next day and this is what I saw…..

A note I left for my brother and his wife because I had noticed they took thing that I needed in order for me to clean as we agreed to. The note read, “please do not remove anymore packing items, cleaning supplies, cleaning implements, or anything else one may need for the cleaning and/or packing of the house” and yes I was being sarcastic by making bullet points as Satan did in all of her emails.

When I wrote the note, I grabbed a small stack of printer paper and left the note on top, on my mom’s kitchen table, when I came the next day someone had swiped the note off the table and all the paper with it, and just left it there. No class at all.

My note can be seen along with the other papers strewn about the floor. It was left on the table and appears that someone swiped it off the table in a fit of rage and left it on the floor.

Satan helped herself to my mom’s stuff. I could see someone went through her room. They dumped out her hospital bag in her bed and left the clothes all over her bed. Satan took some of my mom’s planters as well. Because the house was empty for 8 or so months the some of her plants died. It looks like they took the plant out of the pot and left all the dead plant debris on my mom’s dining room table, like the pigs they are.

Dead plant material left on my mom’s dining room table.
My mom’s dirty pajamas from the hospital that they dumped out on her bed as they went through her hospital bags.

This here is a perfect example of the lengths Satan will go through to keep me and my brother from speaking. As I said in my email, they brought bolt cutters with them and cut the master lock off her shed! There was absolutely no need to do that. If they couldn’t find the key a simple phone call to me would’ve solved the problem. Instead they cut through a lock and in the process, they broke the window box off the shed.

A photo of the lock that my brother and his wife cut off my mom’s shed in order to gain access to it.

A photo of the window box that my brother broke while trying to cut the lock of my mom’s shed.

Satan is a piece of shit, but my brother is an ever bigger piece of shit for allowing her to disrespect my mother’s house and me like that. That’s a narcissist for you though. They don’t give a shit. They don’t care that someone is grieving. They don’t care if you’re the one who has to clean it up. They don’t care that someone is dead. My note asking them to leave cleaning products pissed her off and so she decided to shit all over me.

The next day, Aug. 29, 2017 she sent me multiple emails. The first one was this at 7:56am in the morning: (pay close attention to the parts I underlined)

Please see images of checks attached. I will deposit once account is open.  I met with 2 real estate agents for free. Here is one [real estate agent] (xxx) xxx-xxxx. He would like to show house this week. You can go to every showing to let him in and to make sure nothing is touched. Please call him today. 

P.S.  Your phone seems “to” have “been” infected “with” some sort of malware “that” inserts “quotes” around words “at” odd intervals.


Then came this at 8:15am:


Please find attached either cancelled checks or online statements if they were ACH.  Please review once again. 

Please provide a list without proof of all bills you have paid for my review.  I will only need proof if anything looks out of ordinary. 


I replied back at 11:03 am with:

Well the house is in no shape to show it after the mess you left. Please call and cancel. I’ll have my attorney call you. You don’t just go and make appointments without informing me. 

And my “brother” who has that demanding job, he replied back exactly 7 minutes later at 11:10am with this..

I haven’t made any appointments and I don’t know what mess you’re talking about. I’m not going to argue back and forth about it either. 

I only asked that you call him so that we can make arrangements so that he CAN show the house. Again, no appointments or showings have been set. We haven’t even signed any contracts to list the house with him yet, as you probably remember from your real estate licensing courses.

You can have your attorney contact my attorney, not me directly. And again, call [real estate agent] so that we can take the next steps to have the house listed for sale to begin the process. 

pay close attention to the “I’m not going to argue back and forth about it either”.

The top portion of this photo was taken from a book about narcissistic behavior. As you can see in the 2 examples below it, Satan was TEXTBOOK in her behavior.

The funny thing is, they actually did go and sign a contract with that agent without telling me.

I responded back to her at 11:13am

No idea what AHC is but ok. Are you the attorney for the estate? I don’t need to give you anything as per my attorney. My lawyer will determine if anything looks “out of the ordinary.” 

You see the thing with Narcissists like Satan is they try to talk and sound like they’re so important. She has to use all her insurance sales person terminology. She acts like she’s so highly educated. Anyone can become an insurance sales agent like her. A high school diploma or equivalent is all that’s required.

At 11:36am while “my brother” was still at that demanding job of his, he replied…

ACH – Automated Check Clearing house. It’s an electronic check. 

And no, I’m not an attorney for the Estate, but you need my signature on the check. I’m not going to sign a reimbursement check without a breakdown of what is being reimbursed. 

And here we go. Here is the first of the threats to not sign checks. Again, this is so characteristic of her. At that point, I was not even seeking reimbursement for any money I laid out, yet she demanded I handed her lists for it.

In the meanwhile, I went down to the bank and completed opening the account. I tried to text my brother from the bank, but I could see because my messages were coming back green that he had me blocked, once again. On an iPhone, messages are automatically sent through apple’s messaging system, iMessage, if the system detects it’s going to another iPhone, and when messages are blue that means they went through iMessage. When a message comes back green, it means either the recipient doesn’t have an iPhone, turned iMessage off (and their messages are going through their service providers SMS), or…..has you blocked! So if people want to know if someone has blocked them on their iPhone, this is one way you find out! I knew my brother blocked me because he told me he was going to months prior.

Texts I sent to my brother from the bank, which prove he had me blocked on his phone.

I was completely fed up at this point in time. This demon seed again, was not going to tell me how I was going to settle MY MOTHER’S estate. I knew I needed to come up with a plan in order to get Satan out of the picture…:.

To be continued